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Of Horror and Madness

Chances are, you have probably stumbled upon all these horror-themed television shows, films, short stories, or novels. For a change, let us talk about this local band that sounds just exactly like your favorite horror flicks.

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus was formed way back 2009. Horror Scene was their debut album, followed by The Great Fall Onto Madness. From the album titles themselves, you will already know what this band is up to.

The Music

They were 2010 MYX Music Awards’ Favorite Indie Band, 2013 Jack Daniel’s Philippines Chosen One, and 2015 Philippine Indie Rock Awards’ Independent Band of the Year. Go Go Dance on My Grave and Ghost Train are among of their most horrifying tracks yet.

Spare yourself from all these loved-up or heartache-inspired songs that bombard us every single day. Why not give a band that sings horror a chance? Well, Mr.Bones plays something even beyond such genre. They produce a kind of horror with a twist of insanity that is artistically crafted through music.

If you dig Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton’s films, or anything creepy, then you will definitely get hooked with this band, too.

The music is dark, but not too dark that you want to force yourself to wake up. Just enough darkness for fun, for theatrics, for costumes, for dancing, for storytelling. They call it “theatrical macabre.”

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

And when they say horror, they mean it—from their lyrics, to their music videos, up to their live performances.

The Members

They are Bones Frankenstein (deep, ghoulish vocals), Alvin Chan (guitars), Carissa Ramos (bass), Karl Vito Cruz (synthesizers), Jovic de Leon (drums), Jesso Montejo (percussions), and John Joe Joseph (DJ).

This article originally appeared on English Magazines published by Vibal Group, Inc.