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The Grammar Vigilante of Bristol

Roaming around Bristol at night is a self-proclaimed “grammar vigilante,” correcting misused apostrophes in street signs.

In an interview with BBC, he told that his first work was in 2013. He removed the apostrophes in the sign “Open Monday’s to Friday’s.”

The next one was the sign “Amy’s Nails.” He said:

It was just so loud and in-your-face, I just couldn’t abide it, so I had to go and apply my wares to this apostrophe. It grates, I think, how can they?

He had made an “apostrophiser,” an 8-foot long kit that lets him reach high posts. He also uses a customized ladder that prevents him from tilting against shop windows. Instead of paint, he uses stickers to add or erase punctuation marks. He also carries a set square and scalpel for a clean, accurate work.

His latest work was the garage sign “Cambridge Motor’s.” “I thank him for what he’s done,” the garage owner told BBC. “I don’t mind at all. It’s good to see people still caring about English grammar.”

The mystery man works as an engineer by day. He admitted that he gets nervous when doing such errand, but rebutted that what he does is illegal. He clarified:

I don’t think it’s damage. It’s a worse crime to have all these errant apostrophes on shops and garages. I think it’s going to teach the youth of tomorrow the wrong grammar.

This article originally appeared on English Magazines published by Vibal Group, Inc.