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What Not to Post Online

Sure it is fun interacting with old and new friends online, but there are certain pieces of information one does not need to share, for security and etiquette purposes. Here are some of the things one must never discuss online.

  • Date of birth. Posting the full date of your birth online may allow scammers and identity thieves to steal your identity.
  • Current location. Posting where you are may give thieves the opportunity to rob your house.
  • Complete address. You never know who is looking at your profile. Do not make things easy for the bad guys to get to you.
  • Contact number. If someone capable of doing criminal acts gets hold of your contact details, then you will be closer to danger.
  • Embarrassing things. Before posting anything, think how your family, friends, and other people would feel upon seeing or reading it.

This article originally appeared on English Magazines published by Vibal Group, Inc.