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World’s Legendary Musicians

Imagining a world without music sounds boring. Music is one medium by which one can fully express himself or herself, or at least be entertained. But before you sing your hearts out, here are a few of the world’s greatest musicians long before the time of your favorite boybands.

  • Johannes Sebastian Bach. Bach is known for his classical compositions, some of which were complex yet innovative. His most famous works were Mass in B Minor and The Well-Tampered Clavier. He produced over 200 classical compositions throughout his career.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. What were you doing at the age of four? Well, Mozart was just writing classical compositions. A year later, he already performed at the Salzburg University. At the age of eight, he was already playing the violin even without having a violin lesson.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven. Being deaf did not stop this musical prodigy from becoming one of the best composers of all time. His sonatas and symphonies emerged from the Classical Era up to the Romantic Era.
  • Bob Marley. Marley is a reggae music icon and a political and social activist during his time. Hailing from Jamaica, Marley is considered to be the first musician from a third-world country to gain fame.
  • The Beatles. The Beatles was considered to be the most influential band of the century. This band has undoubtedly changed what rock and roll music is, from album cover appearances, songwriting, up to recording techniques. They have definitely given a new impression to the entirety of music.
  • The Rolling Stones. The music of The Rolling Stones defined an edgier and more rebellious generation during their time. And the music industry owed a lot from them for paving the way for the pop-rock structures that they have established since then.

This article originally appeared on English Magazines published by Vibal Group, Inc.