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Jackee, the Robot

Andrea spends most of her time playing with her favorite toy robot, Jackee. She treasures this robot very much because it was given to her by her late father.

When her father was still alive, he told Andrea that the robot could do whatever Andrea would ask it to do and it could also feel what Andrea would feel. However, Andrea was skeptic about it.

As Andrea grows, her attitude also changes. She becomes lazy, irritable, and mean toward others.

One afternoon, Andrea sees a marvelous dress at the mall. But the dress is too expensive and her money is not enough to buy it.

Andrea thinks of something to earn enough money to buy the dress: selling the robot. To Andrea’s dismay, no one wants to buy her robot because it looks odd. Moreover, whenever people tries to play with it, it will utter hurtful words to them. The robot breaks and reveals tiny Andreas, all make faces and scream harsh words.

Andrea recalls what her father told him and realizes how much she has changed over the years. From a fun-loving little girl, she is now a grumpy young lady. She picks up Jackee from the floor and starts fixing it, as if she is fixing her attitude. The tiny Andreas stop screaming harsh words and become quiet, looking apologetic even.

Andrea decides not to buy the dress for now. She promises to prioritize what needs to be prioritized first. And that is to improve her attitude not just for herself, but for others as well.

This short story originally appeared on English Magazines published by Vibal Group, Inc.